Non-Exhaustive List Of Needed Medical Supplies

Arkansas companies can help with the fight against COVID-19, and the federal government has compiled a list of products it needs to battle the disease.
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Selling Medical Supplies

Vendor marketing material will be not be considered. A complete proposal is required for award consideration. The contacts for these contracts are Chance Caione ( and Gary Patrick Topper (
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Producing Medical Supplies

If you are a private company that wants to produce a product related to the COVID response, contact the National Business Emergency Operations Center at
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Donating Medial Supplies

FEMA is working to marshal every source of medical supplies and equipment, and will work to facilitate your generous donation.
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Non-Medical Supplies

If you are interested in supporting the response to COVID- 19 with your company’s goods and/or services, please submit your inquiry to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Procurement Action Innovative Response Team (PAIR) team at
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