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Official Objectives for NAFTA Renegotiation

On Monday, July 17, 2017 the United States Trade Representative issued the President’s official Summary of Objectives for the Renegotiation of NAFTA. This release is the latest issuance of policy objectives after the USTR held public hearings and is part of the ongoing process to modernize the agreement.
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REPORT | The Mexican Consumer

This is an in-depth profile report on the Mexican Consumer published by the Global Analysis Division of Agriculture and Agri Food Canada.
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REPORT | The Facts on NAFTA

This report by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce highlights facts and dispels myths on NAFTA from a national perspective. The information is highly relevant to Arkansas.
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REPORT | 6 Million Jobs Depend on Mexico Trade

This infographic report comes from the Office of the Consul General of Mexico in Austin. It provides a state-by-state representation of the trade relationships with Mexico. Zoom in in the photo viewer to see the information up close.
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Strategic Interests of the U.S.-Mexico Trade Relationship - Ricardo Anaya

United States & Canada: Let's Keep A Good Thing Growing