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Aviation Software Development Partners Wanted

From World Trade Center Twente - 03/14/2017

AirroSoft, one of our WTC Twente clubmembers is looking for partners to further develop dedicated software applications for flight deck usage. More information you can find on the website of AirroSoft: https://airro.io/.

Company Seeking Paper Supplier, Manufacturer

From World Trade Center Winnipeg - 03/07/2017

A company is very interested in identifying a supplier or manufacturer with the following specific criteria: Source market of interest: Canada or international Connection required: supplier / manufacturer Profile required: supplier that can provide paper sheets Paper specifications: 15-20lb weight of paper, 23-25″ wide by 30-36″ long. Colour – bright teal / blue, ideally Connector would like to set the colour (the pantone is 7710C aka CMYK 80/18/36/1) Goal: 1st shipment for 2000-5000 sheets within the next month.