Trade Leads

The World Trade Center Arkansas is constantly curating and assessing potential business opportunities for Arkansas companies. More information on current trade leads can be found in the links below. Our trade directors are available to assist remotely. Inquiries can also be sent to the Center’s communication specialist, Brandon Howard, at or by calling 479-418-4803.

Special Drawing Right (SDR)

The SDR is an international reserve asset, created by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in 1969 to supplement its member countries’ official reserves. SDR allocations can play a role in providing liquidity and supplementing member countries’ official reserves, as was the case amid the global financial crisis.
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NETHERLANDS: TechMed Twente Group

The smart manufacturing industry (High Tech Systems and Materials) is characteristic for the Twente region in East-Netherlands. We are seeing opportunities in the medtech cluster. Companies are looking for each other like the realization of the Techmed Center at the University.
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INDONESIA: Indonesian Aslam Island LNG Project Feasibility Study

The goal of the Study is to assess the market opportunity, analyze the economics, conduct preliminary environmental assessments, and develop preliminary design documentation for the Project. The Study will also support the Grantee in tracking regulatory requirements and initiating some legal and financial documentation needed to support the development of the LNG terminal.
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PANAMA: 4th Transmission Line

The 4th Transmission Line in Panama, which is planned to run along Panama’s Atlantic coast, is
a priority project for the U.S.-Panama Working Group under America Crece. The Department of Treasury is engaging Panama’s PPP Secretariat and would like to garner U.S. industry perspectives for the next transmission line tender. For additional information, please contact
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NIGERIA: Advanced Energy Partners Seeking US Suppliers of LNG and LPG Transport Vessles for Projects

For more information, or to contact Advanced Energy Partners, email
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SOUTH AFRICA: ArcelorMittal Inviting IPPs to Participate in an RFI for the Supply & Management of its PV Power Plants

A subsidiary of ArcelorMittal Holdings, which is a leader in the global steel
industry, ArcelorMittal South Africa, is the largest steel producing company on the African
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BRAZIL: Petrobras to Contract Engineering Services to Revamp its Monteiro Lobato Gas Treatment Unit

The project contemplates the construction of natural gas processing unit and two gas
treatment units, besides new auxiliary units, utilities, and interconnections. The deadline to
submit bids is November 5, 2020. For more information, contact
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BULGARIA: Bulgargaz to Pursue Direct Negotiations with American Companies to Purchase LNG

Bulgaria is looking for spot purchases of American LNG as early as this year. Keen to limit its dependency on Russian gas, Bulgaria has recently taken a 20 per cent share in the under construction EU-backed LNG terminal in Alexandropoulis, Greece.
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