Arkansas & Mexico

Reports, Facts and Statistics about Arkansas’s No. 2 Trading Partner


In exports to Mexico in 2019.

51,000 JOBS

In Arkansas supported by trade with Mexico.


In exports to Mexico since 1994.

REPORT | Mexico Labeling Requirements

Mexico recently made important changes to the application of labeling requirements. It is important that importers carefully review the text of the Normas Oficiales Mexicanas (NOM) to confirm if their products are subject to the scope of the NOMs.
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The Office of the United States Trade Representative has provided an easy-to-use digital copy of the text of the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA).
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REPORT | Arkansas International Trade Data Summary 2020

Mexico was also Arkansas No. 2 agricultural partner in 2019, accounting for 17% of the Natural State’s agri exports.
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PRESENTATION | Arkansas: A True Ally of Mexico

This presentation was delivered by ProMexico Trade and Investment Commissioner Fernando Marti on October 23, 2018 at the World Trade Center Arkansas’s diplomatic briefing on the status of North America trade relations. ProMexico is the trade and investment commission of the Mexican government and is responsible for growing imports (from countries like the United States), exports and foreign direct investment. This presentation details the trading relationship between the state of Arkansas and Mexico and explains the current status of NAFTA modernization.
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This is the text of the preliminary agreement in principle reached on August 27, 2018 in the renegotiation of the North America Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Mexico.
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REPORT | Arkansas International Trade Data Summary 2019

Since NAFTA, Arkansas’ exports to Mexico have increased by 732.2%, while those to the rest of the world rose by 312.9%. In other words, Arkansas’ export growth rate to Mexico has been 2.3 times higher than its export growth rate to the rest of the world.
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ARKANSAS MEXICO TRADE - Mexico Secretary of External Relations

This two page infographic fact sheet from Mexico’s Secretary of External Relations comes from the Embassy of Mexico in the United States. This fact sheet visually breaks down the $1.7 billion in trade between Arkansas and Mexico in 2018 and shows export growth since 1999 by type of goods. In addition, it highlights how many jobs are supported in Arkansas by this trade, which Mexican companies invest in Arkansas offers supporting facts about U.S. – Mexico trade and the modernization of NAFTA through the USMCA.
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OFFICIAL DECREE | List of U.S. Goods Under Mexico-Imposed Tariffs

This is the decree imposing tariffs of imports of U.S. goods to Mexico, modifying the Tariff of the General Import and Export Tax Law, the Decree establishing the Applicable Rate during 2003, of the General Import Tax, for merchandise originating in North America and the Decree establishing various Sectoral Promotion Programs.
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REPORT | 2017 Arkansas‐Mexico Trade Relationship

This is a report by Mexico’s Secretariat of the Economy that graphically describes the relationship between Mexico and the state of Arkansas using export-import data from 2017.
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FACT SHEET | Trade Matters for Arkansas and Mexico

This is a fact sheet by Mexico’s Secretariat of the Economy that graphically describes annual trade, export growth to Mexico, and the supply chain between Mexico and the state of Arkansas.
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REPORT | Jobs Depend on Mexico Trade

This infographic comes from the Office of the Consul General of Mexico in Austin. It provides a state-by-state representation of the trade relationships with Mexico. Zoom in in the photo viewer to see the information up close. 51,000 Arkansas jobs depend on trade with Mexico according to this report.
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REPORT | Growing Together: Arkansas and Mexico

The Mexico Institute of the Wilson Center provided an excellent visualization of facts on the trade relationship of Mexico and Arkansas since the North American Free Trade Agreement was implemented.
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This report by the Mexico Secretariat of the Economy highlights the growth of Arkansas exports to Mexico from 1993 to 2017.
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ARTICLE | Arkansas Depends on Mexico Trade

“There is one country that is the most significant trading partner – and that’s Mexico,” says Angela Marshall-Hoffman of World Strategies, LLC. This is an in-house report on Arkansas’ valuable trading relationships.
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