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Arkansas & Canada

Reports, Facts and Statistics about Arkansas’s No. 1 Trading Partner


Arkansas exports $1.3 billion in goods to Canada every year.


Arkansas exports $182 Million in services to Canada every year,

69,000 JOBS

Trade with Canada supports nearly 69,000 jobs in Arkansas.

REPORT | Why Canada Matters to Arkansas Businesses

This is a presentation given by acting Canadian Consul General in Dallas, Vasken Khabayan on November 8, 2017 at the World Trade Center Arkansas. It contains strong visual data on the relationship that Canada has with Arkansas and America as a whole.
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REPORT | Canada-Arkansas Steel and Aluminum Trade

The U.S. and Canadian steel and aluminum industries are deeply integrated with significant cross-border operations. Many U.S. firms rely on Canadian iron, steel, and aluminum imports as raw materials or components of finished products in the automotive, construction, energy, aerospace, defense, and agri-food sectors. This report from the Embassy of Canada highlights which Arkansas exports are facing tariffs or countermeasures and argues that Canada should receive a permanent exemption from the steel and aluminum tariffs.
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PRESENTATION | Canada, the United States & North American Trade

This presentation was delivered by Consul General of Canada in Dallas Vasken Khabayan on October 23, 2018 at the World Trade Center Arkansas’s diplomatic briefing on the status of North America trade relations. The Consul General is responsible for the promotion of Canadian interests in the areas of political and economic relations, investment and trade, public affairs and consular affairs in the five-state territory of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. This presentations details the strategic economic and security relationships between the U.S and Canada and explains key features of the economic relationship that Arkansas has with Canada, the largest buyer of Arkansas made and grown products.
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REPORT | Canada: Opportunities for Doing Business

This is a presentation given by Consul and Trade Commissioner Delon Chan of the Canadian Consulate General in Dallas on November 8, 2017 at the World Trade Center Arkansas. It contains in depth information on business, investment and trade opportunities in Canada. Listen to the accompanying Gateways Podcast to this presentation here.
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ARTICLE | Arkansas Depends on Canada Trade

This in-house article reports on how the Arkansas economy benefited from exports amounting to $5.9 billion in goods in 2015. Arkansas’ top export categories are agriculture products, transportation equipment, chemicals, processed foods, machinery and computer and electronic products. Most of these goods went to Arkansas’ top export markets in Canada, Mexico, Japan, France and Singapore.
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REPORT | Arkansas & Canada Trade

This is an infographic report with strong visual representations on the relationship that Canada has with Arkansas and America as a whole.
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REPORT | Arkansas & Canada. Strong Partners in Agriculture Trade

This is an infographic report with compelling visuals from Agriculture and Agri-food Canada on the agriculture trade relationship between Arkansas and Canada.
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REPORT | Canada and the United States (Arkansas)

The government of Canada highlights several important aspects of its relationship with Arkansas on this informative webpage.
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REPORT | Surface Merchandise Trade with Canada and Mexico

This graph from the Bureau of Transportation Statistics compares Canada and Mexico’s surface trade with Arkansas.
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