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Western Hemisphere Quick Trade Facts

Western Hemisphere Receives Nearly Half of Arkansas Exports


Nearly half of all Arkansas’s exports go to Western Hemisphere countries, according to new state export data obtained this year from the International Trade Administration’s (ITA) TradeStats Express. According to the ITA’s report, more than 46 percent of all Arkansas exports go to Western Hemisphere countries.

In addition to this, a report released by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada using U.S. Census Data in April shows that 58 percent of Arkansas agriculture exports to its top five markets go to Western Hemisphere countries. These countries include Mexico, Canada, Haiti and Guatemala.

Nearly half of all exports and 72 percent of all Arkansas agriculture exports go to Western Hemisphere countries.


Countries of Opportunity


According to the report, 43 percent of total agriculture exports go to Canada and Mexico. Furthermore, 34 percent of all exports from Arkansas go to Canada and Mexico, according to recently updated data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

In addition, Arkansas exports $182 million in services to Canada every year and nearly $100 million in services to Mexico.


New Reports Compiled


Recently updated reports by the ITA TradeStats Express State Export Data explore Arkansas’s total exports to Western Hemisphere countries as well as the growth of agriculture exports to these countries.


Trend highlights from these reports include: